Oh lordy i can't believe I havn't blogged in like...5 months!! Well...lifes been busy, and is about to become even busier what with exams coming up :(
Anyway, over those 5 months i've become even more into the Weston Price foundation /Nourishing traditions way of eating, and have just started reading Good calories bad calories by Gary Taubes (after what...8 months from when i actually ordered it at the library!!). But oh well, I have it now. The book basically challenges "conventional dietary wisdom" - i.e that saturated fat and cholesterol is bad, carbs are good, we need fiber etc. Taubes debunks these myths extremely convincingly, and the amount of detialed info is just fantastic! Seriousely...no-one can continue believing these lies if they read the book....though it will take some time! If you havn't read it yet, do it now!
Also, if you don't already know about the Weston Price foundation go to http://www.westonaprice.org/ Weston Price was a dentist and a nutritionist who studied the foods and health of primitive communites (by observing their facial structure and dental health). He published his findings in 1939 in the book "Nutritional and physical degeneration" (you can download it online). He found that health and freedom from degenerative disease was linked to a traditional diet. When the isolated communities started consuming western foods such as white flour and refined flour, they succumbed to all the diseases Westerners suffer from. Examples of the communities he visited include the Masai (diet of blood, raw milk and meat), Swiss villagers in the Alpine (raw dairy, meat, rye bread) and Scottish islanders (mainly fish and oats). They all cosumed plenty of fat soluble vitamins from high vitamin butter, seafoods or organ meats with the fat. The WAPF was started by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon, and it basically continues research and works to inform people about traditional foods.
I am totally on this bandwagon, because if anything, it makes perfect sense. Humans evolved consuming mainly protein and fat (the few carbs came from seasonal fruit and honey which were a rarity). Traditional communities have thrived on things like healthy pastured meat, grass fed unpasteurised milk, butter and cream, fermented foods, fish, organ meats, eggs...
When did we start becoming unhealthy and having heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc? When we started refining foods (eg white flour, sugar) and relied on unprepared grains for most of our calories, shunned healthy natural saturated fat and started using refined polyunsaturated cooking oils. Basically due to the introduction of processed foods. Humans are very adaptable and can thrive on many different foods, as you don't find the same foods everywhere in the world. Some may tolerate dairy, others not, some may thrive on a diet of largely animal protein and fat, while others may need more plant foods to be healthy, etc etc. But no human can be healthy eating the modern western processed/fake "foods"
I have great respect for the WAPF and Weston Price himself for working to inform people about how to take control of their health.

If you're not familiar with the research, please do visit the WAPF website, read the books, and visit the links below for more info.