How to make butter with raw fresh or cultured cream...

Beat the cream with a wire whisk or spoon...

Keep will start to "curdle"

.and keep on beating till the liquid buttermilk seperates out..

keep on beating till the butter "granules" clump together and the buttermilk can be poured off

Wash the butter with water to get rid of traces of buttermilk


I made this a couple of weeks ago..since it's coming onto autumn/winter now I won't be eating much butter/dairy as it won't be grassfed (fresh grass anyway) so the raw dairy will be alot lower in nutrients. That said, I havn't been eating much dairy fat lately (this summer) anyway except the odd bit of butter or ghee (made at low temps to maintain the "rawness"). I much prefer meat and getting most of my fat from actual meat (hide fat/suet) as opposed to dairy. In the summer though I think raw/grassfed butter and ghee are decent ways to up the fat, esp since they're full of nutrients like vitamin A, CLA, the Wulzen factor, beneficial bacteria, etc.